Brave using more memory then Microsoft Edge

Hey, so I’m looking in the task manager and Brave is using 852mb of my memory and I do not know why. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Memory RAM is meant to be used by programs, and a program using less memory doesn’t mean it is better.
if it uses more RAM, well, there are many reasons, like the adblocker with thousands of rules loaded as default, just like when you load uBlock or Adguard and then it will use more memory for lading an extension.

As long as you are not 90+% of Memory RAM usage, then you shouldn’t worry.

Anyway, Brave/Chromium have their own task manager to know exactly which process, extension or website is using more RAM, you access it by using `Shift+ESC.
In my experience GPU process is usually the one using higher memory RAM, so not much to do about it, especially when companies only optimize their drivers for Chrome and Edge, something Brave created a workaround in Nightly, but I don’t know if it was pushed to other releases.

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