One tab but using a GB of RAM

My Brave app keeps crashing, and I noticed in Task Manager when it’s running it’s using as much as 1.2GM of memory.
I only have 4 tabs running, but the Task Manager shows over 30 Brave processes. (Even after doing a PC reboot.)
I’ve closed every tab except my Web mail, and it still shows 27 Brave processes in Task Manager and using 800MB of memory.
How can I stop this, or at least find more information on what those processes are?

Windows 11
Brave Version 1.52.130 Chromium: 114.0.5735.198 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Use internal Chromium/Brave task manager with Shift+Esc, then post a screenshot or troubleshoot it that way.
Windows task manager won’t show the processes information correctly, only Edge is able to do it.

Anyway, not memory used is memory wasted, unless it was 90+% you shouldn’t worry what is using the Memory RAM.

But each extension is a different process, and if you allow extensions to run In Private windows, well, it adds another process per extension, each tab, and many different services and renderers inside Brave will be different processes, also, some website will get isolated for security reasons and they will be yet another process.
That’s why it is important to use the internal task manager, to know exactly what is using what and which Process ID is which, which in that case you can use any task manager as long as you know which process ID belongs to what.

About the crashing, it could easily be an extension, so disable every extension and see if the crashing keeps happening.

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