Huge memory consumption


I am running the latest version and it seems that brave is running duplicated processes and it is taking a lot of memory.
I created two different people: one for work and one for regular browsing (as I did in Chrome) and now in brave’s task manager I see a bunch of duplicated processes even if I am running only one people window.

I tried opening a thor browsing window and again it duplicated every process now having 3 of each.

There are also some extensions running that I do not know how to uninstall: PDF Viewer, WebTorrent and Rewards.



That’s how Chromium does things. It creates multiple processes to sandbox parts of itself in case of attack. That way, it can shut down parts of itself if things go badly.


Hi @randomaccount and @cynical13, @cynical13 was pretty much spot on, a remark about this was made in Github and it was closed promptly as you can see 1 Task Manager Bug and 1 Task Manager enhancement.

They seem, at least one member seems to think it alright the way it functions/looks currently but obviously to some/many of us it just looks odd after having closed a Tor - New Private Window and (future) Session Windows/Tabs.

There was also no mention on whether enhancing the UX would be beneficial :frowning: Pity because I think with their implementation of Tor it would make sense if the main parts (integrated solutions) were separated, as the above arrow near ‘Task’ currently doesn’t have that sort (that would be UX, wouldn’t it?).

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