Brave Update Destroy Settings Every Time

Just got another update, have about 1 every week. Windows764.
It has destroyed my settings again, not prompt passwords, Google vine, download PDFs.
All that stuff.
Every week after “an update” not required not requested … okay but … cant you organise updates to keep the existing settings? Surely thats not so hard?
What is mentality of ruining the users settings every time.
I just dont get it.
Occasionally updates actually keep the settings … so it seems that sometimes the release team make mistakes.
Anyway As I am on Win764 … why are you updating? I thought the support was finished ?

@TRS7 It always does keep settings and data, at least on mine and majority of others. Auto updates should never be getting rid of data. So there would be a bigger question of what’s going on?

And yes, Brave stopped doing updates to Windows 7 a bit ago. So you shouldn’t be getting anything. Perhaps it’s yet another sign of something else going on with your PC. You should have gotten your last update on January 10, 2023.

I don’t think so. The About page says that it recognizes Win7 64.
However it still updates.
Evidence of updates having occurred are the new page features … .like the newsfeed etc… . show new features.
So updating is still occurring although it recognizes Win 7.
Version stated is :
Version Info 1.47.186, 109.0.414.119
I will monitor if this Version number changes next time.

Current version of Brave: Version 1.52.126 Chromium: 114.0.5735.133 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Means yours is pretty far behind.

Yes, but I saw that the versions for instance for iOS are different.
Different per platform it would seem.
There is even a x64 release stream.
Anyway I will see next time it happens if the version number changes.

What does that have to do with the version of Brave available for Windows 7?

Also have to advise that iOS runs on a completely different base than the others. iOS runs on a Firefox/Webkit browser. Whereas all other OS run on a Chromium base.

What’s weird is that they often use iOS to test out some features ahead of time before implementing them on Android. Like iOS has Playlist long before others did. They also were the first to get Brave VPN. That said, you’re right that Brave is said to be on 1.51.2 right now, but that’s just for iOS. Then Android and Desktop are all on 1.52.xx

Ok. Shouldn’t be seeing anything. Might be interesting to try to figure out what’s going on. As said, shouldn’t be updating and you should be getting a notice advising you that you have to update your OS in order to receive further updates.

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