Is it me? Brave keeps re-setting

Over the past year, Brave has become my go-to browser to the point I started evangelizing it to my friends, and used Brave for my banking, shopping, and medical accounts. And Brave kept getting better and better. Until two weeks ago. Now Brave keeps re-setting with every new session. I keep the bookmarks, but lose everything else (including recent/favorite sites, BAT and passwords) with every power-up.

My other browsers (Edge, Opera, Fox, Vivaldi) are not doing this. Yes, I uninstalled/re-installed Brave. I’ve also tested it with my AV and VPN off, (Avira Prime), same results. The only thing I can correlate with is Windows 11 last update about two weeks ago. (but that’s just a guess).

Any thoughts? I’d hate to give up on Brave, it really has become my favorite browser, but obviously eternal re-sets is a show-stopper.
Peace/Out, Rich

Do you have anything set to be cleared “on exit” (Menu --> History --> Clear browsing data --> [On exit]) by chance?

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