Auto update just deleted all bookmarks, passwords, and settings

Description of the issue:

I accidentally closed out of Brave browser. When I reopened, Brave had updated and all of my bookmarks, passwords, and settings have just disappeared.

I am using:

Microsoft Windows 10 Home
Version 10.0.17134 Build 17134

Brave Version(about:brave):

Typing about:brave into the url box just leads to “chrome://brave/” which says “This site can’t be reached.”

I assume it updated to whatever the latest version is right now, and I don’t know what my old version was, but it would be nice to be able to REVERT BACK to it.

Additional Information:

Please tell me there is a relatively easy way to get everything back as it was. Searching around the forum it seems this has happened to quite a few people in the past. Why, why, WHY would you auto-update against someone’s permission in a way that deletes everything, or at least makes it appear as though it’s been deleted??

I can provide any additional info necessary.

Hi @update_deleted_all,

Please see For users who had issues migrating data from Brave Muon to Brave Core for more info about how to get your browser data.


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