Brave Won't Launch at All

When I try to open Brave either from my task bar, the start menu, or directly starting the application as an administrator, nothing happens. Trying to add --disable-gpu onto the target path doesn’t work, nor does disabling and reenabling Brave’s whitelist status with my firewall or disabling my antivirus. Brave does not show up in the task manager even momentarily as far as my eyes can see, although there are two processes called Brave Software Update and Brave Software Update (32 bit) in my task manager that appear to be doing nothing (using no computer resources other than a bit of memory.) Restarting likewise does not fix the problem. I have even attempted to force the updater by running it separately and by redownloading Brave, neither of which work. Even completely uninstalling and reinstalling Brave does not solve the issue.

I checked the CrashReports folder just in case there was something telling in there, but the folder is empty.

If you close the Brave processes that are running then try to launch does this change anything?

I’m also curious about the exact behavior that happens when you try to launch the browser. Do you see anything at all or is it basically “unresponsive”?

It does not. Attempting to open Brave again does not even restart the update processes.

Nothing seems to happen at all when I attempt to start the browser. The pointer has about half a second of the blue spinning wheel next to it , but nothing appears in the task manager, at least nothing that I can find.

And did you try opening task manager and killing any Brave processes that are running before trying to launch the browser?

Again, there are no Brave processes in the task manager. Only the update processes, which start with Windows. Even without those running, Brave does not launch.

Can you please try downloading and installing the Beta build and see if you get the same results?


  1. Uninstall Brave using Revo Uninstaller, Scan then delete all leftovers. Restart machine.

  2. Install Wise Jet Search . Open Wise search and look for ‘Brave’ in C. Delete all the remnants of Brave.

Restart and install Brave from here


Update: Hours later, opening a link from another program (which normally defaults to Brave) caused Brave to actually open despite that same method of trying to get it to start not working earlier. I attempted to test again by closing all Brave processes and opening Brave on its own again and… it seems to work just fine now? With absolutely no clue as to why it wouldn’t launch before and why it is fine launching now, I’m completely baffled and more than a little concerned. I want to try restarting my computer to see if the problem with reemerge.

Edit: Rebooting the PC doesn’t appear to cause the problem to reemerge. No clue what started this issue or why it’s suddenly fine again. Thanks @Mattches and @CerealLover for trying to help. I’ll keep your solutions on hand in case it ever happens again.


Thank you for updating. I’ll leave this thread open in case the issue reproduces again.

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