Brave tokens missing from Brave 1.8.93 Android

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Hi There

I checked my balance today on my Brave Browser for Android and i have noticed i ONLY have May’s Payout. My entire archive of BAT payments going back over a year are missing.
I’m, not certain of the amount but it was in the hundreds of BAT.
As you can imagine i’m extremely worried. Is there a way you can verify my account and return my BAT to my android browser?

How can this issue be reproduced?
Please see attached screenshot

Expected result:

Brave Version( check About Brave):
Mobile Device details
Google Pixel 2 XL

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Same issue, same version.


Same issue with same exact version here

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I have the same problem with the same version. My balance is zero but you can see from the screen shot the history of payments is still there.

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I saw new update(1.8.93) for android and updated it but I cant open browser now. There is error. Browser closes.How will I solve it?


same issue. same brave version 1.8.93

When new release?


I’m also experiencing the same issue reported above with brave browser version 1.8.93 (Android). My basic attention tokens have disappeared/are missing.

I haven’t uninstalled the browser, I’ve only allowed updates from the google playstore (which has never caused me to lose my entire balance before). I really hope I haven’t lost my BAT as there was about 140 of them!

I hope this can be fixed and that uphold can be integrated already! :neutral_face:

Brave Version: 1.8.93
Mobile Device details: Samsung Galaxy S8 - SM-G950F Build/PPR1.180610.011
Android version: 9

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We’re in the same boat, @Fabiodenigris / @Chords, @RasiMohamed & @brundle25 :sailboat: :smile:

Brave definitely needs a few more little updates to sort it out (I experience the same thing in version 1.8.112)


Huuugeee (love) :purple_heart: for your wish to see Uphold↔Android integration, @carlos_will / Steve! I recommend it everywhere, every time I can (see topic at the bottom)

Brave listens us, their users
& will enable Uphold for Android too:

@steeven from Brave team confirmed that Uphold for Android will be available. :+1:
I just wish we had a road map (version in which Uphold wallet will be added to the Android version of Brave) but that is probably delayed due to May 5th payout issue. (although Uphold seems to perform better than an in-app wallet, cause Uphold users had fewer issues in that specific “05/05 payout case”)

:heart: :heart: :heart:

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Just an update. My Brave has been updated to 1.8.112 and I have the same issue. I do not have my archive of Brave Tokens. Support can you assist?

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I pressed the claim area on 6 of May and I still did not receive my Bats.
I’ve had the message saying we are having some problems.
Its been more then 2 weeks and still waiting.
Is there anything I can do?

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Yeah I’m not sure why it’s taking so long for this integration!

18 days later and there’s still no update to fix the missing balance.

Hi All, I received an update from Via a Twitter DM. Hope this helps all with this issue:

My apologies for the inconvenience. We are indeed investigating an issue which has impacted some Android users. We will be releasing an update soon which should assist us in identifying the root cause behind this bug. In the meantime, please do not reinstall the browser, or make any attempt to resolve the issue yourself. We’ll have a solution as soon as possible.

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