Brave Tokens missing in Android Web Wallet

Tokens missing in Brave android web wallet. It shows all my payouts from before but no tokens when loading UI on top right of web wallet

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Same issue here. Shows all my previous claimed rewards but shows 0.0 reward balance.

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I’m also experiencing the same issue reported above with brave browser version 1.8.93 (Android). My basic attention tokens have disappeared/are missing.

I haven’t uninstalled the browser, I’ve only allowed updates from the google playstore (which has never caused me to lose my entire balance before). I really hope I haven’t lost my BAT as there was about 140 of them!

I hope this can be fixed and that uphold can be integrated already! :neutral_face:

Brave Version: 1.8.93
Mobile Device details: Samsung Galaxy S8 - SM-G950F Build/PPR1.180610.011
Android version: 9

I am experiencing the same.

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no rewards on my android, only balance from march, from aprill all gone, on desktop they are not coming to my uphold… 10 days is pass since may 5th

These payments should be distributed next week – please see the following post:

Did you receive yours yet? I still haven’t.


I have exactly the same problem here, and I still haven’t received anything…