Brave Rewards suddenly missing on Android

Am a pretty new user of Brave on Android and still trying to accumulate the 25 BAT but suddenly my BAT just went down from 2+ to 0.55. Unfortunately I never kept a screenshot of my BAT prior to this. Does it mean it’s all gone?

BTW not sure whether it’s related to the fact that I just updated to the latest version of the app today.

And to add, my auto-contribute has all along been off.

Hi @jl2020, Welcome to Community!
What version of Brave are you using?
Can you confirm whether it was your wallet balance or your pending balance that decreased?

Am using 1.16.74
I believe its the pending rewards, since I haven’t reached the 25 BAT yet. Are you saying that pending rewards can decrease?

Hi there!

I’m on Brave 1.16.74, Chromium 86.0.4240.185 and I have just run into the same problem. My wallet was also disconnected.

Payouts are done once a month, so I’m just trying to discern what balance you’re referring to.
Can you send me a DM with a screenshot of the General info tab found at chrome://rewards-internals

@Ccr8ton. Welcome to Community, can you elaborate more on your issue? Did your pending balance decrease as-well or are you having trouble with Uphold?
What OS are you on?

I’m on Android 10. My Brave wallet (in browser) is showing 0 BAT all of a sudden with no history of earnings. My Uphold wallet was disconnected as well.

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