Bat tokens accumulated since inception now missing completely on android phone browser

Hi team

Had no issues until I opened brave browser token balance checker this morning. I had 197 BAT as of yesterday, I now have 0 BAT.

I have not updated anything. Can you please advise why I have lost all my balance?



This one @Ibzpetkar1?

What is your Brave version?

@Ibzpetkar1 thanks for the screenshot.

You need to wait for a new version 1.8.112. Should be available in Play Store in coming day/s. This version have a fix your issue.

I also am missing all my tokens from the beginning. I do have the newest Brave Version 1.8.112, chromium 81.0.4044.138. Could it be anything to do with my phone being an older galaxy S7 with Android 8.0.0 ? Just curious.

Thank You

That can’t be right

As another user mentioned. I have latest version and I still do not see my coins.

Please advise

@Ibzpetkar1 @Stormin61 the new version fox the issue for most users. But some users still do face the issue. The team is aware of this and already working on it.

Apologies for the inconveniences.

Thank You for the info. I’ll be patient I have no plan to remove the tokens. I just let them build.

Update… New BAT earned for month of June showing in account. Today I claimed my June rewards and then came through. Unfortunately all of the previous awards are still sitting as earned but are not in the wallet.

What can be done to retrieve the old ones?

Same here. I can see the May’s tokens that are claimed today but all my other tokens just show as earned from ads under the grants button.

Here is the reply I got in this one.

"… thanks for reporting. Glad to hear you received todays Ads claim.

The team is still working on a fix for the May issue that affected a small subset of Android users. Once it’s deployed your BAT will be restored."

So recommend standing by and hopefully it will be resolved soon

Also there is a mega thread at… MEGATHREAD: June 5th, 2020 Brave Ads Payout Support
With instructions on what to do just in case your issue if slightly different.

OK so Brave stole my BAT? since May 6th it was missing my April accumulation, now June 5th and I am only given BAT for May and not given my May 6th payment I was promised.

Steeven from Brave said I should wait until Brave update but clearly lied and now is not replying to my messages

MEssage to me from Steeven on May 24th:


Thanks for sending @mrads - you will be able to claim your April ads BAT when we release the newest version soon.

Message above in my post was from him… He started a mega thread today so I am guessing he is overwhelmed. Apparently they fixed this month and are still working to remedy the previous months. I know it is frustrating but be patient we are all experiencing the same thing.

Its been 12 days since I last messaged him directly, and he has gone silent. so what they gonna promise next month too, and continue until people forget… nothing stopping them sending us what we earned as they should be able to see it in the back-end of the system.

@mrads - please see DM, thanks!

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