Brave to Uphold missing BAT (everybody who's affected please pile in)

I have reported it in the mid of February and nothing ever was done, so just reiterating it again in slim hope something will actually happen.

Here’s my original post I regret I didn’t record the proces instead of screen-shooting it but who knew…

Personally I start to lean on the idea of a rogue employee who’s behind it.

EVERYONE WHO HAS THE SAME PROBLEM PLEASE PUT YOUR NAME IN THIS THREAD maybe this will somehow make them acknowledge the problem.


My 2.75 BATs got auto-contributed from Uphold Wallet even when Auto-Contribution was turned off.

Hi @Hector - I can help. What OS and Brave version are you on. Have you KYC’d with Uphold, and verified your browser wallet?

Thanks in advance, and for your patience.

Hi Steeven,

Windows 10, it was latest Brave at the time it always is anyway. I did everything on Uphold including KYC (I asked them about it several times they blamed Brave) I did receive 1/3 ~50 BAT and 100 was gone. Walet was back then and is verified.


Hello i also have this type of issues, when i click on brave rewards and then on verify wallet it sends me to my uphold dashboard.
I did the uphold KYC. I’m on windows 10 and my brave versions is : Version 1.9.72 Chromium: 81.0.4044.138 (Official Build) (64-bit)

I’m trying to link my brave rewards and my uphold account for several month but nothing happen ;(

Same here. One month of BAT, about 33 or so, transferred right after I verified (KYC’d) with Uphold in early May, But the remainder, about 208, earned before verification, just sits there. Also got the runaround from Uphold, saying I had to contact Brave.
OS WIN 10 Home, ver. 1903, OS Build 18362.836.
Brave ver. 1.9.72

More or less exactly same that is happening to @Nighthawk1 is happening to me as well.

Here is my investigation and assumption:
Even though, in Ads pop up says I have 85.7 BAT, when I linked my Uphold account I only recieved 27.3 BAT as payout. I thought it’s a partial transaction issue but apparently thats not the case.
When I check Brave Rewards Wallet Activity, I’m seeing entries in Transactions tab with “Ads rewards received” only for this month - two entries, in total they add up to 27.3 BAT. If I check for April, for example, I’m not seeing any entry in transaction tab, even though right side says “Earnings from Ads 23.8BAT - 4.84 USD
So it seems like there payout only works if there are entries in transaction tab ( not sure where this data is coming from ) , but wallet seems like working fine.
I don’t have any creator account or similar. No auto tip. No auto contribution.
I have Windows 10 - Version 1.9.72 Chromium: 81.0.4044.138 (Official Build) (64-bit) - Verified Uphold account ( I already paid out a few BAT as I mentioned )

Hi @Hector - can you DM me your Rewards Internals?

And what about others? Should we open a new thread? Or is this a general bug which might get fixed for all later on?


I have the same problem of having BAT on my Brave account but only having about 1/3 of it transferred to Uphold. I’m not able to withdraw the remaining BAT from Brave into my Uphold account so it is not accessible. I would love to get an answer for this.

Doug D.

Device 1 (Windows 10) : Estimated rewards = 12.8 BAT. Rewards received = 0 BAT
Device 2 (Windows 10) : Estimated rewards = 8.8 BAT. Rewards received = 8.8 BAT
Device 3 (Android): Estimated rewards = 12.1 BAT. Rewards received = 0 BAT

So, i’m looking for 25 BAT.

No fix for me so far, I’ve sent over rewards internals and nothing. So don’t get your hopes up

As far as I know, take-out function for Android is not live yet. Hence don’t expect Android ones.

There is an issue with calculating grants. When you click details dropdown, number doesn’t add up to main earning amount. But if I understood it correcty, nothing is missing, you still have those in your wallet. It should only be re-calculated

I’ve encountered this exact same issue at about the same time. The only difference is the amount of BAT I received. The transactions are identical though. Let me know if there is a solution.

Just to update everyone, absolutely nothing was solved, supposed new version of Brave did nothing in this case, I still think that there is someone who actually stole it. It doesn’t seem likely that this is such an impossible “bug” to fix where there are plenty of people affected and nothing really is done withing 6 months.

I’m still not receiving my BAT.

Having this issue as well. No response from support either.

Same here:…Someone skimming off the top. I was only credited 3 Bat to Uphold account but my reward ads say 14.3 for the month of June

I first emailed in February and got no response. Eventually Steeven picked up my case (around Apr 28) from a thread here that I joined February 29.

Perhaps completing open cases, like mine (or older ones) , that seem to be in a never ending loop of questions from Brave side without any other communication would help build some confidence in Brave and BAT project in general.

My issues stems from a sizable missing Twitter tip and I have no idea if others also tipped me because I was only made aware by that tipper in a casual conversation. There has to be a way to see these things in order to report issues. Now that I have, it isn’t going anywhere. Just makes me sad

Nvm the BAT that magically disappears from the rewards console…

So many people have this same problem that makes me starting to question Brave’s safety and security, IS IT REALLY as safe as the company claims it aims to be??? if it’s very core feature the Reward System is not safe? hmm if it wasn’t for Brave ad Shields I would most likely stop using it out of concern it may be unsafe