Brave to Uphold missing BAT (everybody who's affected please pile in)

i think it is not a safety issue, the real problem is that we need to link brave rewards to uphold, i don’t know why they can’t simply allow us to have an ethereum wallet to keep our brave coins and withdraw them when we want

Maybe, shame though they didn’t already ditch them

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Same here, missing 100 bat and only 50 transferred to uphold, 46 is still sitting in the wallet and not doing anything.
I have 2 wallets in 2 browsers, 1st wallet was linked and transferred fine, the second one went buggy.
I think the whole KYC and 3rd party process is a huge turn off from BAT, sorry but you were supposed to build Brave for privacy???
Even major exchanges allow you to withdraw anything under 2BTC without KYC.
Also there are constant issues with even claiming rewards.
Brave such a private browser does not allow me to claim rewards if I’m connected to a vpn.
I have to drop the tunnel and do so from the ISP IP otherwise the “drag and drop stuff” does not work.
You guys need to stop and think before it goes any worse and you start loosing users.

Sorry to hear that, I doubt we’ll ever gonna get it, for me it looks like a pure theft, someone on either team has setup an algorithm to intercept a bit here a bit there and is happy now

Well it’s that or some API call errors. Borked 3rd party integration.
But if someone is skimming those BAT tokens - choke on it loser, you ain’t gonna be happy by stealing anyway;)
I love the idea of Brave Browser but if the idea is going to get lost like Goolag’s “Don’t be Evil” slogan then Brave is going to face the same fate. Karma always comes, even if it’s slow.

So quiet on this post, can the Brave Team confirm this is being investigated?
Can we have an indication of the problem or are we free to speculate more ;)?

Hi comrades, tell me, the account has been under verification for almost 3 weeks, is this normal?

hey, I’m having problem that my uphold balance being much lower than my browser BAT balance.
although my KYC verification took just 15 min
@steeven I’ve sent you message with my internal reawrds output
Could you please take a look ?
Thank you !

Hi @Hector - this is simply untrue. We are continuously working to improve our system and there are many learning opportunities along the way. Please see our DM, your wallet has been refunded in full.


OMG it’s true, I can’t believe it. Thank you very much steeven. I’m glad I was mistaken about it and not only for myself but for all the other people out there who still are waiting for a solution.

What process do we need to go through to fix this @steeven steeven?

Have been using Brave since around Xmas and had alot of BAT saved up on both my phone and desktop, around 60USD on phone and 30USD on desktops worth, and decided to verify wallets today not realizing how much I’d saved up. After verifying I now only have around 40USD worth. Didn’t keep track of totals as I didn’t expect it to break and the breakdown shown under the grant dropdown is missing stuff/ doesn’t add up

I have 200 BAT in my desktop browser Brave wallet, but in Uphold it shows 40 BAT. I have successfully completed KYC with Uphold.

Not sure what to do about this.

@bravepublishers debited all the BAT from my Uphold account. I didn’t create this transaction so I am not sure how this was created…I lost all my BAT.

All my BATs have been auto contributed even when I turned it off.
I had 40 BATs and now I have 0.1 BAT.

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Hi all - if you haven’t already, please DM me your Rewards Internals (brave://rewards-internals/), OS, Brave version and a screenshot of your Rewards panel. This will help to speed up the troubleshooting. Thank you in advance!