Brave Tipped way more then my monthly tips was set up for. Stolen?

Hi I had my monthly tips set up to Automatically tip about 5 websites approx 20 BAT in total as I’m still checking this out.
I checked this today and Brave tipped just about my whole wallet 185 BAT instead of the 20 or so BAT!!! Is it possible to get them back or to track these. Surely there is a way to check my tipping history too.

Hesitant now to add anymore BAT to my wallet incase they are taken again.

No one has any help for me, am I’m supposed to just accept that my tokens have just disappeared??
Any help will be appreciated as I’m not going to support this project if I lose that amount money
Having a way to see your tip history would be great

Apologies for late response, @JohnB.

See For Brave users impacted by the Auto-Contribute bug for your issue.


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