Lost around 100 BAT for no reason, and what's left isn't even added correctly


A few days ago I clicked the button to collect the BAT. I put the triangle in the right spot, and got the BAT. I had around 250 BAT at the time. But yesterday I looked at the BAT I had, and it was suddenly 149.8.


  • I have never tipped anyone during that period, and there is no history of tipping anyone since then.
  • I have never auto contributed either, at any point, and there is no history of that either.
  • And there are no monthly contributions either. I’ve never enabled it.
  • I haven’t changed any settings in my browser since.
  • There was never any expiration date on the BAT I had because it wasn’t a grant.
  • I also tried to recover my wallet. I added the key in, it accepted it, but didn’t give any of the original BAT back.

Any ideas? See the pictures below. Notice how what it’s added isn’t even correct with the addition. And how trying to recover, but it’s still false.

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I have a similar experience; Brave has to fix this soon -OR- come out and make a Public Relations release because this sort of thing makes it look very bad.

It seems Brave is still in Alpha/Beta phase to me. It’s not ready for prime-time, apparently.

I wish I could say otherwise, but this is all too common of a problem for myself and others apparently. There’s holes in the system!

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Today, March 5th 2020 (the day BAT is acquired), I have 226.6 BAT. But I never did the usual thing to acquire last months BAT (by putting the triangle in the other shape)

The record is the same too, but the BAT is different.

Brave is up to date as well according to the About Brave page: [Version 1.4.96 Chromium: 80.0.3987.132 (Official Build) (64-bit)]

They refunded your BAT lost?

I’m not 100% sure because I don’t remember the exact amount of BAT I had before it was gone, but it seems it may have been restored.

And today on March 6th, I claimed the rewards by putting the triangle into the other shape, and today it shows the updated value history, unlike yesterday. Notice the yellow rectangle and the earnings from ads at the bottom.

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