Self Tipping - Learning + Accidents

Hi all,
I joined Brave in August when I transferred Brave tokens I owned (from buying) into my Brave wallet.

To learn the system I tipped myself with a view that I can keep it in the eco system and use it for proper purposes later.

However I only recieved around 70 of my 290. It has now been close to three months. I have tried contacting multiple times and PMd on here but so far no help.

Is anyone able to help? Clearly I was not “cheating” here because the tokens are what I had BOUGHT and was simply trying to understand how it all worked.


Hi @mdees1, PM me – I can work on getting you that missing BAT!

Hi asad, thanks I have PMd

Hi asad, any luck with this?

anyone able to help with this at all?

hi asad, sorry to bother constantly but can you please let me know what is happening ?

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