Brave tip not working for verified channel

I have several verified channels for small blogs. When people trying to send a tip, they get “something went wrong” and tip amount deducted from their balance. Nothing shows up on Creators page also. How this can be fixed?

P.S: sent email to no response so far.

@sigrlami please send a screenshot shot of you balance and the error. PS check your internet connection when tipping

@Dgenies Internet active 100%. I don’t have BAT on the phone, only on a desktop. My phone free grant couldn’t claimed (stuck in spinning but that’s another story). Friend of mine got 4 BAT through free grant today and we wanted to test it on my blog with 1 BAT and there was that error.

Is there a way to send BAT from my desktop Brave wallet to mobile, so I can reproduce it?

Reward claim problem try the solution in that post for the mobile issue. It has worked for some friends that had such issues

@Dgenies thank you that help. Indeed turning it off and on again, helped.

Regarding main issue, this post describes it in detail. This error with tipping I described above happend only to the first tip with 1BAT.

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