Okay. So, I want help. Brave Rewards Creator Tip Payment Report Issue

It’s been over a month of having my creator support tips stuck and waiting for a payment report which has been unresponsive for over 1 month. Can the admins help me? I’m tired of this

Sorry to hear you are having troubles with this.

Can you please explain in detail the problem you are experiencing?

Thank you,


I donated BAT which I had to my channel on YT that was verified at the moment. Hoping that the BAT tips would go to my uphold account I left it waiting day by day. I noticed the issue recently (last week Saturday, 1st of this month) and I tried to resolve the issue myself by removing my channel then retrying to verification process for my YT channel. As of this moment Brave seems broken and hasn’t accepted the request in over 7 days in a row… And i’ve tried it twice. Up to this time. It’s been over 1 month and it seems like Brave doesn’t function anymore and has me considering finding other means of use. Are the tips function broken or is it Brave? Thank you for your timely respose.

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