Different sync method

At this moment I admit that I do not like the way in which brave makes us synchronize the different devices we have and I would like this to change perhaps giving us the possibility to create an account that allows us to decide what we want to synchronize … I find it inconvenient the method present at this time for various reasons:
1- if I uninstall the app from my phone and forget to sync it with another device, I lose all my favorites
2- if I have to synchronize my pc from a mobile device like iOS or android (I think) I have to write a whole paragraph of words
3 - if you synchronize a device for example a phone with a PC, from the PC I cannot remove the synchronization of the phone and vice versa unless you do it from the device itself.
4- etc …

As I have already anticipated before I would prefer that the synchronization method is based on the use of an account with a password (which can be changed in case you forget this), if you don’t like the idea because maybe you think it’s not safe or else you could also add a 2-factor verification or other …

(sorry for my english but it’s not my first language)