Brave sync shows invalid sync code even though it is correct

I cant sync my brave on linux to the sync chain even after putting the correct sync words chain multiple times. i checked for spelling mistakes and such but it still says invalid sync code when trying to sync the chain to my linux brave browser. Is it a linux problem or something else i cant seem to figure it out.

Please replace the 25th word using word at

But the total words on my sync chain is only 22 words

I don’t think it’s ever been just 22 words. This means you have something screwy going on. It used to be like 12 a long time ago, then 24, then to 25. And Brave Wallet,. if you mixed that up, is even 12 words right now. So nothing that still wouldn’t answer how you have “22” words.

What version of Brave are you using on whichever device you’re pulling the sync phrase from?

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