Brave sync between iOS and iphon

Hi There,
I have looked at the previous posts on the problems of syncing between devices.
I do what is suggested, but I still get no ‘sync’ occuring between my MacBook (version Mojave) and my iPhone 13. The two devices recognise each other as both are listed on the Devices on Sync Chain. However, once recognized, nothing happens.
I have tried this on several different attempts on different days and nothing.
Can someone please help. Confused… and don’t even know how to generate a console report as that does not come up in my Extensions… but Brave has updated since the post on this topic in 2019.
Thank you.

@Narm ,

Long running problem:

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@Narm Sync on iOS has been getting worked on. Initially none of us could even stay in the sync chain. Now some of us get on chain but only can see shared Bookmarks. Others get in but are disconnected within 24 hours. The list goes on.

One thing I want to clarify though is that on iOS the only thing that syncs are bookmarks and typed history. This means if you click on stuff, it won’t show in History on synced devices.

They did announce not long ago that Password sync for iOS is complete and will be getting released. I want to say for version 1.38 but don’t hold me to that, as I’ve been occasionally mixing up things like version numbers.

That said, dev team has said the next iOS update will come with a way for us to access brave://sync-internals and all to share logs so they can try to identify and resolve this issue. Unfortunately, there’s no ETA on when this next version is going to be released.

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