Unable to Sync Tabs Between Brave Browser and ios Brave Browser

Hi all - I’ve been searching through the various Brave categories and tags on this, and apologies if I’ve missed it, but I’m still having trouble with Brave sync between my mac and my iphone. They’re both synced to the same chain. When I look at “history” in my settings there is a section that says “no tabs from other devices” and nothing has ever shown up there. I’m not seeing any option to see tabs in my ios brave browser. What am I doing wrong?

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History sync is not Tabs, history is history which is probably Typed URLs, so not all your history is being synched only the one you type and go from the address bar.
They are different things, but they are working on it recently as you know they added passwords sync for iOS, so I guess next time will be Tabs sync since they even have an issue opened for a while:

Any other like preferences or Autofill don’t seem to have issues created according to the ‘passwords sync’ issue so that’s why I said tabs sync should be next… so, someday you will get it.

You need to remember iOS browsers are forced to use webkit and they are just a re-skin of Safari, so Brave has to work around the limitations, in Android they can use the same chromium version they have for desktop with the obvious touch differences and some features limitations but iOS browsers don’t have an easy time because of Apple restrictions.

Hey, thanks so much for taking the time to respond and spell this out. Glad I wasn’t crazy and missing an obvious solution.