Unable to Sync Tabs Between Brave Browser and ios Brave Browser

Hi all - I’ve been searching through the various Brave categories and tags on this, and apologies if I’ve missed it, but I’m still having trouble with Brave sync between my mac and my iphone. They’re both synced to the same chain. When I look at “history” in my settings there is a section that says “no tabs from other devices” and nothing has ever shown up there. I’m not seeing any option to see tabs in my ios brave browser. What am I doing wrong?

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Hey, thanks so much for taking the time to respond and spell this out. Glad I wasn’t crazy and missing an obvious solution.

Hi all. I’m wondering if there has been any progress at all regarding breathe iOS syncing open tabs, among other features outside of bookmarks, from brave iOS to brave desktop version on macOS. Currently I am running macOS monterey on my MacBook Pro and iOS 15 on my iPhone 13. I use my phone more often than my MacBook, and I have a long list of times that I’ve built up on my phone which I had intended to follow up on whenever I get on my Mac. As far back as two years ago I noticed that breve said that they had trouble syncing anything but bookmarks from iOS to Mac desktop. At the time they said that they were working on it, but it appears to still be saying they’re just working on it. I would like to know what the progress is or a possible release date for that update. I love many things about the Brave Browser, but this is not one of them.

Tab sync (and send tab to device) is out on iOS now

It’s in the changelog and I see an option to sync tabs in the setting on Brave for iOS…however, no tabs sync, neither from iOS to my Macbook nor in the other direction. I don’t even see on the iOS version where you would go to see the synced tabs.

its on the tabs page, there is a icon at the top to show whats open on other devices