Amazon Prime error 7031

All of the posts about this error I notice are from 2021, and the fixes do not work. When I try to play Amazon Prime Video, I receive error 7031. I have tried the answers from other posts (Clear cache, restart Winevine, etc. Still, no luck getting Amazon Prime Video to work. Amazon Prime Video does play in chrome, however.

@ScorpionCX I’m going to need you to try some steps and provide info as listed below:

  • Which version of Brave are you using? (Give exact version, don’t just say “the latest”)

  • Which OS are you using? (Such as Windows 11, Android 12, iOS 17.0.3)

  • Does disabling Shields have any impact?

  • Are you using a VPN or proxy? If so, disable and try.

  • Have you tried in private window?

  • Can you create a new browser profile, keeping default settings (except making sure Widevine is active) and not adding extensions. We’ll see if it works on that.

  • If none of the above still not working, could you try in Brave Beta or Brave Nightly to see if it works?

Don’t know about Scorpion, but I’m rocking v1.60.118 on Win 11, disabling shields did nothing, no VPN on, and private window results in playability.

@Sigfried if you’re saying that it works fine in Private but not in normal, that narrows things down. The only differences between normal and private windows is:

  • Private opens with no cookies present. So like if you were signed into Amazon but open in private, it won’t have you be logged in.

  • It prevents extensions from opening (because they can track you, which can eliminate idea of private window). So yeah, by default, no extensions in private

  • History and cookies from your session are cleared when you exit.

Typically if something works in Private, the assumption is a person has an extension causing problems.

If they disable/remove all extensions and still have issues, then we have to look at the idea of bad cookie. So usually clearing cookies for all time and all is the next thing. Also making sure not blocking cookies according to any settings, such as at brave://settings/cookies.

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