Brave stole my Bats!

I never clicked in contribute automatically, but when i see my Uphold wallet today, all my bats was gone. Anyone knows how can i get my Bats back?

If you didn’t turn off auto-contribute before October 31st, and it was on November 1st, you gave your BAT away to the sites and creators you visited the most.

In the Reward Internals(brave://rewards-internals/), on the Event Logs tab, you want to find a line like this one with a different time and date:
10/30/2020, 11:41:41 PM ac.enabled 0

You see that 0, that means false, as auto-contribute was turned off at that day and time.

Thank you for donating to the sites, that’s keeping publishers happy.

I turned off this s***, i never turned it on since i installed Brave, Brave simply stole all my Bats without my will. It’s a bug of Brave that have never been fixed.

It’s a bug and you need to DM a Brave person here that can refund you. However, If you have multiple devices on the same uphold wallet, one having auto-contribute on ruins it for all the devices.

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