Auto Contribute turned itself on and my BAT is gone

My BAT was removed from my wallet after Auto Contribute was turned back on without my knowledge by, I assume, a Brave update. I’ve never messed with the settings beyond turning Auto Contribute off. I only realized something was wrong when I opened a tab and my BAT was missing. If someone can help me get my BAT back and maybe let me know how this can be avoided in the future I’d appreciate it.

My Version of Brave is currently 1.5.4


Exactly the same just happened to me a few minutes ago ! All my BAT are gone in autocontribution. What’s this bug ? Support team ?

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No response from Brave Team on this issue ? By me, it was not linked to any update. Auto-contribute suddenly turned on and my wallet was emptied.

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I never seem to hear from them when I have an issue. I’ve lost a lot of BAT since I’ve started using Brave and have never seen any of it back. I think I’m going to just start moving it periodically or just stop using Brave since I’d rather not earn BAT at all than suffer the letdown of loosing it.

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It’s really sad but you are right. Love the Brave/BAT concept, but not in the way it’s actually turning

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This happened to me as well. I found auto-contribute in an ‘on’ state and it had taken 20 BAT and doesn’t say where it went. I’m also disturbed that I can’t see a history of my BAT transactions.


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