BAT Auto Contribute Without My Permission

Today 20 BAT from my Uphold wallet was auto contributed to random creators without my permission. I did not want to contribute my BAT to any creator. This was turned on without my permission. Would it be possible to receive my 20 BAT back?
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Exact same thing happened to me today. ALL my BAT gone.

Wow I guess there’s more of us… :confused:

By default, the auto-contribute is on, so when you reinstalling Brave or just turning on again the rewards, it turn again to on, so you have to turn it off (Settings → Brave Rewards → Auto contribute and turn it off)

  1. Its ridiculous. 2. I did not reinstall it or turn it off and on. I changed nothing, this setting must have been changed for me.

maybe users should be prompt when this option is switched on or off, and if brave cannot recall users previous settings, than the default should be off

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What I want to know is if our BAT is forever gone, because of this great “feature”, after I was collecting it for months and months…