Brave Software, Inc Decentralisation

It was mentioned in the following community post “… given the nature of a DAO”

I was wondering whether Brave Software, Inc is currently a DAO or have plans to slowly migrate their organisational governance structure to a DAO

Disclaimer: I hold BRAVE tokens

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If they had the intention to do so, they wouldn’t force you to have an Uphold account just to withdraw funds, they’d allow you to use descentralized methods for that, something that probably is never going to happen. Brave is a business like any other, also don’t trust them too much when they say they care about your privacy. No centralized application really cares about your privacy. Use brave while you can, while it is what it is, because like many other it’s going to get worse with time, when it comes to security & privacy, perhaps it even gets memory hungry (who knows). If they had the intention to do so, they wouldn’t be a business in the first place. If their software license allows you to fully modify and descentralize the application, under another name, then you’re free to create a DAO, otherwise, it’s just another business, just less worse than most options out there.

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