Crowdsourcing to Increase Verified Publishers & Brave Browser Users

I know it is still early, but I have not run into a site that is verified and think it is important to increase the number of publishers for this movement to stand a chance.

  1. Are there any forums that discuss how we can leverage and reward users with BAT for increasing the number of verified publishers? Specifically, can the community be incentivized to grow the publisher base directly in a referral type of manner?

Perhaps Brave Community Members (BCM) can tag an unverified site and Brave can send publishers an update of how many of their visitors are BCMs?

  1. Is there a plan to reward people in BAT for referring users to download and adopt the Brave Browser?

there is a ongoing program

if it is what it is

That’s interesting – have you visited Wikipedia lately? NPR? How about The Guardian? Maybe xhamster? All of these massive sites are Brave verified. While I understand that you may still see more unverified sites than verified ones, I think that’s to be expected given that there are millions of sites.

This forum and the BAT Community Reddit are probably great places to discuss things like this.

Hi Mattches!

Yes, there are well known high traffic sites (i.e., the hump) that are Brave verified. That is why a provided the caveat that it is still early.

However, many people browse sites that don’t receive high traffic (i.e., long tail). Basically, I am shocked that Brave/BAT has not gone hyperviral in adoption.

Building the community is now more valuable than the tech, given the nature of a DAO.

I am just looking to connect with people who want to focus on ways to speed up this move towards decentralization.

Thanks for the reply and guidance.

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