Is this site officially or phising site?

Here is the message I got in email:
Dear Brave AirDrop participants, 10 days are left until the registration is completed! Manage to get 500 BAT.

Basic Attention Token is a new token for the digital advertising industry. He pays publishers for their content, and users for attention, and advertisers for their ads.

We invite you to participate in our project. Each participant of our project receives 500 Brave desktop browser (BAT) tokens.

Using our browsers you immediately pay attention to the speed of the Internet speed several times faster than our competitors Safari and Chrome.

Brave is much more than a browser; it is a new way of thinking about how the network works. Brave is an open source code created by a team of Internet pioneers focused on privacy and performance.

Brave is developed by the creator of the programming language Javascript and the ex-CEO of Mozilla and is positioned as something more than (an ad-blocking browser). The implementation of this idea is based on Brave Ads.

Users who decide to take part in the program will be able to receive up to 70% of the profits generated by the advertisements shown to them. The awards will be paid in the form of own tokens of the Basic Atkens Tokens project (BAT)

If you agree and want to participate in a new project, then you need to register in our Google form and also update or reinstall Brave browser, the link to the updated version is also in the registration form. An updated version is available so far only for the Windows operating system.

AirDrop will end in 10 days time to register!

Registration form :

We thank you for your attention! Support Brave browser.

The sender email is: bitcointalk news
This web: is very similar on contents. Any support may explain this? Thank you.

Very certain this is a scam website. It was set up 4 days ago and the person who registered the domain is hidden.


Thank you for your tracking of information… I doubt for other user believe it officially message. The site replicates and persistence the whole contents. :grinning:



Anything outside of or our official social media channels should be assumed to be a scam. There are a LOT of these pages now sadly.


@Asad Hi Admin, I have sent you several emails for 8 days and I have no answer. He is so kind and helps me. Thank you

Thank you @Asad for clarify this issue. I hope more people be careful with these kind of email. :+1:

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