Decentraleyes for brave?

Is this a good thing?

or are they tracking you by saying they’re not tracking you to encourage you to install something that will track you?

Hello, Apparently it is open source, I recommend that you review it to be sure if it is dangerous or not. Firefox and google are dedicated to reviewing the codes of the extensions posted in their stores (and although this is not 100% feasible, at least they do). Firefox put it in its recommended section therefore they should have read the code carefully or well that’s what I want to think

The final decision is always yours

Greetings, Markook

LocalCDN is based on Decentraleyes but has many more libraries.
However, I don’t use them anymore because I have the same doubts.

Hi, I don’t use extensions so I could only tell you guys: check the source code (important), and ask about it in other forums (recommended).

This extension is published in (one of the most used websites to search for secure and private software). But I personally have some problems with the website as Brave was removed from the site and I still can’t understand why.

It seems to me they support Firefox.

They does. I don’t have any problems regarding that but my problem is that they have removed Brave from the list (it was previously) and I do not know the reasons very well

Well, simple, they don’t want Firefox to lose more users.

I do not think that the creators of the site have removed brave for that reason, since if that were the case, they would never have put it in first place (brave is a great competition to firefox). Reading the forum and the subreddit I came to the conclusion that users advocated removing brave from the website for the “cryptocurrency handling” or something like that. Some put politics, others clamed that brave was malware and that brendan, having created javascript, could not be trusted. Something quite absurd and not very neat

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