Brave sidebar improvement

the brave sidebar right now works like a second bookmarks bar for websites. when you click on a website on brave sidebar, it opens the full website just like the bookmarks bar.

what i am suggesting is that the sidebar opens a mobile view (or desktop view which should be interchangable)of the website. like the screen gets split between the main content/website you’re browsing and another one that you load in the sidebar.
ex. whatsapp, google keep, simple brave/google search etc.

reason to implement : this feature will be extremely helpful to users of wide requirements and users wont have to switch to another browser for the lack of features.

it will also be extremely convenient if you could add simple tools like calculator, timer, alarm clock etc. to it.

the sidebar feature can be made like vivaldi browser.
the tools in the sidebar like microsoft edge browser

Totally agree. I hoped the Brave sidebar would behave more like the Edge sidebar, where sites open in a side pane, allowing you to have two sites side by side—one in the main window and one in a narrower pane. Like you said, as it is now, it’s really just a vertical bookmarks bar.

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This will be very helpful and I was became edge user (at desktop) just for it’s sidebar…

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Same here. Been using this feature in Edge and sites like work great in the sidebar.

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Any news on this? I’d love to leave Edge but it’s currently the only Chromium-based browser I can find that will let me have vertical tabs and set up Raindrop in my sidebar.

No, Brave sidebar hasn’t changed.

I mentioned this on Twitter and got into a small discussion with Brendan and another brave employee. By the looks of it, it looks like they are working on it. Here is the tweet

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This is indeed something that should have been even from the “first release” of the sidebar.
Almost all the other browsers that have it allow this.
Vivaldi, Edge, Opera…

This is being worked on

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