Feature request: Tabs on the side


Hello all, I’ve been using Brave for Android for over a year now and love it. I’ve had the desktop version on my PC but it is not my main browser. I use Vivaldi as my main browser because I love the ultra-customizability, especially being able to have tabs on the side.

I can see that people have requested tabs on the side in the past but there hasn’t really been any recent activity. It looks like Google added it as an experimental flag to Chromium earlier this year but must have removed it because I can’t find it.

I like the new Chromium build on the desktop version. Will it be possible to add an option for tabs on the side? TIA!


Yeah this request icloud is a very a sort after featur. I also requested this gimp a long time ago.



While I don’t believe we as a team have plans to implement this feature, you can do this by way of extensions. For example, to test, I’ve installed the “vTabs” extension in my Brave (live release) as shown in the picture below

Hope this helps!

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Thanks, I hadn’t seen that extension. Unfortunately it seems a little buggy but I’ll keep trying it.

I’d encourage you guys to build in new features like this that cater to power users. Vivaldi basically rebuilt Opera 12 and have a pretty strong user base. If Brave can combine privacy with power features, it would be unstoppable.

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best tab handling extension, at least for Chrome, is outliner.

i’ll edit this to include a link soon, if you need.


YES! Came here just to request side-tabs. Please do add!