Sidebar with main integrated messengers!

It would be great to have a sidebar in Brave with the main integrated messengers, as it is in Opera and Vivaldi!


A few months ago I “drew” this concept of a perfect browser based on Brave. I used popular features and UI elements from other browsers: sidebar from Vivaldi, split-screen from Maxthon, pop-out video from Opera, etc. By the way, Brave’s team added “More UI customizations to differentiate from Chrome look” to their road map.


I think the video pop-up player should be added. In Sidebar, I think Vivaldi and Opera should be different. I think it can be done in a way that we can add to the desired location of the browser.

please add those features, then I will uninstall opera!


Absolutely support these features!! I keep searching for extensions with similar functionality to no avail. It feels like it really needs to be a native feature for full effect. Additionally— I noticed Opera has a sidebar function for “Workspaces”, which seemed to allow you to pre-create tab groups and resources for different projects or uses. That feature alone was a strong pull to convert, (but ultimately lost me to the other flaws of the browser), so it would be an amazingly powerful addition to Brave for me!

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That would be a very cool feature. It would be cool having messenger and Whatsapp on the sidebar, also adding a feature to create workspaces or to categorize tabs would be cool.

I would love to see a tab workspace option. I was going to switch to Opera but then realized I would be missing on a lot of things. But a tab workspace option would be great as it would help organize my tabs and properly separate them.

Yess just like Opera

These features enhance the usage of the brave browser which is already outstanding but please remember a problem which is it gets laggy and uses more ram and CPU.