Brave Sidebar App Integration

Integrate Apps into sidebar… Those apps, which are used constantly can be integrated into the sidebar as a separate app… (Opera has done this). Apps, such as Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp Web, Telegram Web, Spotify, Facebook, Gmail, etc. can be integrated into the sidebar, to ease the use of the browser, increasing its functionality, & reducing the users effort to switch between tabs to views these above mentioned apps. In this way, we can multitask more easily. These features can also be provided as an extension, so that those who are interested can install the extensions, & those not interested, don’t need to struggle with sidebar app integrations.

Hoping to see this feature soon…

There is already a sidebar. You’ll have to enable it in settings I suppose.
Go to brave settings and search for Sidebar by pressing CTRL + F and searching sidebar

User asks for the sidebar to allow opening websites in a separate panel, like Opera or Vivaldi do.


Yes… This is what I meant by Sidebar App Integration…

I second this feature request. Right now, the sidebar is very limited and simply serves as another place to pin bookmarks. If you add a website like Gmail, Brave simply opens it in the tab, disrupting my workflow, instead of opening on the side like in Microsoft Edge. If Brave’s sidebar behaved more like Edge, it would be a lot more useful.

A search in sidebar app like Edge or Chrome would be amazing. It would also be great to have a Discover or Tools sidebar app like Edge.

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