Brave Shields not blocking ads

Brave shields are not blocking ads in Brave browser for Android. You can also see in the included screenshots. I also cleared cookies and older browsing data, but still it didn’t fixed the issue. @fanboynz, @eljuno please have a look at this. This is just in one of the site, I also saw ads in some other sites

Version:- Brave 1.4.3 Chromium 78.0.3904.62

Seems fine here, and no unlocked ads on the site. Can you clear the cache and cookies and retest?

I tried it, but not working.

@fanboynz Also tried clearing cache from system settings, still not fixed.

Clear the cache in Settings, site settings/storage, clear site storage. Ensure Sheilds, site trackers is on also

Btw, same as before; Brave Not Blocking Ads the site ads haven’t changed.

@Ujas can you enable “Regional ad block” under Settings > Privacy? In case you have it disabled.

@fanboynz, @eljuno Thank you. I tried clearing site storage and also enabled Regional ad block in settings, now it is working fine.

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