Brave shields block youtube notifications panel

So since a few days, the notifications panel on youtube doesn’t show when clicking on it, i know it’s because of brave shields because when i disable it, it works. I haven’t changed any settings in month

This bug has been reported and noticed; it is currently under development.

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  1. Open brave://components.
  2. Brave Ad Block UpdaterCheck for update.
  3. Refresh YouTube or restart Brave.

It has been resolved automatically over-night for me… Check if it still persists for you.

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The YouTube issues should be resolved for everyone. In case Brave’s component server failed to deliver the update of the ad block component, perform the steps from my previous comment. If you see Brave Ad Block Updater - Version: 1.0.1031 at brave://components, the issues should be gone.

If your setting is the default one it should be fine but if you chaned some stuff, it might be triggered. Be sure to disable the script block disabled.

There is no need to disable anything, the issues should be gone today. Take a look at my comment before yours.

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