Can't see Youtube videos without disabling brave shields

Every time I open Brave, youtube start without video, only sound. I have to disable brave shields on youtube put on theatre mode then activate the shields again. Please can you help me with this issue.
Brave version v1.51.114

@Wattas Shields should have no impact. I know I tested with Android, Windows, and iPhone. All are fine. If you’re saying that Shields is the only thing making a difference, you may want to try going through your Shield settings. I did not test and fine tune settings to see if anything special breaks YouTube, but I will tell you that generally having Fingerprinting set to Aggressively Block Fingerprinting and/or enabling Block Scripts tend to cause issues.

Beyond that, if you have any extensions, you may want to test without them. The easiest way to do this is to create a new browser profile, making sure not to install extensions or change settings. If it works there, then it guarantees it’s an extension or a setting you changed.

Thanks for the answer @Saoiray, everything is as new, didn’t change anything. Just have IDM integration module

Just disable script blocking and you should be good to go. When I have scripts blocked, no videos are shown. When I turn off script block, all videos show up again. I have black ads and trackers and fingerprint blocking turned to aggressive and YouTube isn’t affected whatsoever.

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Thanks for the answers @Saoiray and @Techieman disabling scrips worked for me.

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