Brave Shields block elements shortcut key, is there a way to manually activate elements blocker to target elements while a website disables right mouse click?

i am looking for a shortcut key to activate

Screenshot Capture - 2022-11-07 - 15-36-27

or this should be added on the brave shields icon (expanded view, where we activate this feature over there while a website disables right mouse click)

Is there a specific site? @shdsoi

Good example is that you cannot mouse right click on spotify’s web player

Not the main website, but the web player

They replace the right click with their own menus, seems legit use of it. But for your personal filters just add this too brave://adblock, /contextmenu|selectstart/)

Save, reload spotify, and you’ll get the right click menus.

it’s hard to find the exact element name without the brave selector

plus, i think its good addition to have an ability to activate this feature using hot key or by using shields icon.

Using uBo Annoyances via brave://adblock will remove some these, but interfering with rightclick could cause issues if it was made default or such.

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i agree but activating selector should be made easy like pressing Ctrl+Shift+S because sometimes i decided to block elements that are just not ads but a part of a website which i find distracting

Btw, can you tell someone from your team to help with this ?


if we block elements using the ublock extension, then the extension should always be enabled to get the blocking done right ? i wish it can be done natively in brave using shields by improving it so no need for extensions to block stuffs as they say.

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