How I can unblock page elements?

Hi! :wave:t3: This is Anton. After 1 month of using this browser (and blocking elements), I got a horrible accident: I blocked necessary element! Now, I can’t unblock it. This is my question list:

  • Is it real to unblock page elements?
  • Is it able for macOS? (If yes, for which versions?)
  • Is this action limited?

I’d like to get answers on this questions.

Thank you for understanding,


Do you mean scripts? Brave shields blocks scripts (javascript) and not elements. I don’t think there is a term like ‘element’ related to the topic.

So, did you turn the ad-blocker to aggressive? Go to brave://settings/shields and turn it to standard. Or go to the individual site and then click on the orange lion icon, from their turn it to standard.

Eh, I meant not that. I meant the elements of the site like YouTube, Brave Community, whatever.

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