Having your own block list? overlay adverts to new tabs

Hello Brave,

I have been using a website: https://123series.ru/
It seems to have an overlay element that comes up, so any time you click on the site, it opens a new tab to a website. It is really getting on my nerves now. It directs me to: https://yonxatuor.com/

I have had a similar issue before, and someone fixed it by adding the link to a list. Is there any way I can start doing this myself? I tried to block the element, but using inspect element just auto re-directs you to their home page.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

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Screenshot of the ad as it appears in Brave
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Not seeing in redirects on https://123series.ru/movie/the-valet-70zqy/1-full @ArchonBeast How do I replicate it?

The exact same happens to me. I use the strictest ad-blocking settings. Every 2nd 0r 3rd click and that yonxatuor site aggressively appears.

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