Brave Shield Ruining My Life

Longtime user. Really thankful I do not have to use Sneaky Pete Google Chrome. HOWEVER, I have all the protection i need on my VPN over network setup, along with my Pihole and other fun extensions . But… Brave Shields is breaking almost every site I visit anymore. The addon flog in the shortcut used to remove shields, and now it does not. This is beyond frustrating. Yes, I have disabled all the settings in the settings page. Please offer the option to remove, or back to Chrome for me. Pretty Please?

I think on your browser, brave shield is disabled. You are seeing the orange lion icon still, but the shield in itself is diabled.
See, Disable Brave Shield for good

Also, to turn off the icon itself go to brave://flags and then disable sheild for v1 and v2 (version) New "Brave Shields" button now much less useful for me - #2 by anoraknophobia (disable both of them)

Also, DNS level adblocking is different from browser level adblocking. There are a lot of extra perks/pros of doing DNS level + browser level adblocking.
Currently, some ads are served from the same domain of the website, which Dns level adblocking cannot block the ads.
Eg., youtube ads are served from the same domain, from which the videos are served. So using pihole, adguard dns, nextdns will not do it. You will need brave shield, ublock origin for it.

Thanks for the reply. I was a bit frustrated when I wrote that. But still… I didn’t mention uBlock, pfBlockerNG, Canvas Fingerprint Defender. I’m covered. Just wish we could just turn it off as a quick “switch”. I am going to follow those links you provided, and give it a shot. Thanks for saving the day, I hope. :slight_smile:

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