Disable Brave Shield for good

Goodday! I was hoping if I could disable brave shield for good?

Just turn the toggles OFF brave://settings/shields (from orange to grey) and select disable for the rest of them.

Its still on but I already turned off all in brave://settings/shields


Go to https://dailymail.co.uk and send the screenshot from the brave shield icon.

If you click on the Shields icon while on a site, you should see everything set to “off” (or it’s equivalent) with 0 content blocked — is that the case?

This is off now? it shows 0 trackers, ads and more blocked.

Right, everything should be zero because none of the protections are on.

Just go to these links and disable them:


They have rolled back this option to differentiate v1 vs v2 shields? Enabling v1 shields was a great work-around for people who care about this. But I notice now, after recently upgrading I guess, that even the option to find v1 or v2 shield via brave://flags option is now completely removed?? I had v1 enabled across all machines (Mac OSX and linux/debian) and with autoupdating even the option is lost. Why not leave the option. This is the reason I use Brave - which I have loved. Do I need to move on?

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