Search Quality Degrading

Search Quality Degrading

I’ve used Brave for over a year.
Until recently the results from search were good and acceptable.
Lately results are sparse and often unrelated to the search topic/term.


@rippymail Likely combination of two issues.

  1. Brave just dropped Bing API. So while you’ve been using it, it’s been Brave’s database combined with Google and Bing. Now Brave is 100% independent.

  2. They are trying to be more reliant on getting people to use Goggles. Essentially database is pulling a lot of data together, but it doesn’t do a good job of sorting things. Even then, it kind of is broken. Like I tested Goggles the other day and told it to show sources based on New from the Right, which is supposed to show results based on news articles that lean more to the right politically. It started off okay with Fox, Sky News, etc. But as I scrolled down, I had a link to CNN. I don’t think a single person in the world would label CNN as “leaning to the right.” lol

They are consistently refining things. Keep in mind that compared to most other search engines, they are still new. It’s been 2 years. And with them only now shifting away from API using other search engines, you can argue this is now when it all begins. Should start looking much better within 6-12 months.