Brave Search is not an option as the default search engine on my Firefox browser

Brave Search is not an option as the default search engine on my Firefox browser. What do I do to make it appear? My Firefox is up to date.


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Hello @Sawyer, thank you for reaching us out. You can suggest Firefox to add Brave as an option on the search engine. If you have any question related to Brave let us know and we will be happy to assist you. Regards.

@Sawyer Instructions were shared in a similar question. You can find that at How do I make Brave Search the default on Firefox?

Is Brave not an option on Firefox? Why did Brave create a tutorial on how to set it as a default search engine then?

That was teaching how to set it as default search engine for Brave, not for Firefox.

It is not a preloaded option, no. You have to manually add it to Firefox. There are some addons too, but I don’t know how legit they are. The Firefox addons for Brave Search aren’t maintained by Brave and I haven’t checked them out. So would use caution if you did mess with them.

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So I can’t set Brave Search as the default search engine for my Firefox browser? It says and shows I can. I looked at the similar thread and I followed the instructions linked. In the address bar beside This time, search with:, the Brave icon isn’t there (like I showed before). When I went to about:preferences#search, in the Default Search Engine dropdown, Brave isn’t an option.

@Sawyer I’m saying you can add it, but like you saw in that one, someone else struggled. The solution was:

Mind giving that a shot?

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