Why make it so hard to add Brave to my browser

Why the hell is it so damn hard to add brave search to my browser??? FFS The instructions don’t work, can’t work because firefox doesn’t list brave in those BS icons you seem to think exist. I managed to add it to another computer yesterday, bur for the life of me can’t remember WTF I did. YOU WOULD MUCH GREATER ACCEPTANCE RATE IF YOU FIXED THIS IDIOTIC CRAP SO PEOPLE CAN JUST ADD YOUR SEARCH.

And WTF is with your BS sign up system?? You can’t add google sign up or any other form of quick signup system?? No? I must create a user name and password and then fill in more garbaghe. Then because you OBVIOUSLY NEED Bank level security I have to verify my email address which directs me to another page that makes me click a button.

But why, just fuqin is it so god damned hard to add Brave to my browser as a default search???

This is a question that should have been directed at Firefox, not at Brave, given that you’re trying to add a search engine to FF.

After a quick search, I found the following article:

Simply perform a search on search.brave.com, right-click in the address bar and select `Add “Brave Search”. After that, it will appear in the list of default search engines:

These steps can be used to add any search engine to the list of defaults in FF, not just Brave.

If you are still having trouble, here is a video tutorial I made quickly that should clear things up:

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Thanks. I got it added to firefox. But there seems to be no way to add Brave to Chromium. I installed brave browser via the command line like the instructions said. It needs to be added to the instructions that you must restart your computer before it will find brave browser when you search the menu.

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