Add Brave Search to "Default Search Engine" option of Firefox

I know Brave would have to create an agreement with Firefox to be added to the Search Engines list, but I think is worth it.
Right know you have to set it manually by following these steps:

  1. go to
  2. right click the search bar
  3. click “Add “Brave Search””
    But not many people are gonna do it. The average user, as it should be, just takes what is offered by default.

Why am I asking for it?

Because it’s the only option to Google Search and Bing to get information.
At the end of the day DuckDuckGo and similar are just Bing or Google frontends.

I want to set Brave as the default search in my browser, but Firefox Developer doesn’t show this option in the dropdown. (I don’t have or want the original Firefox installed as I use the Dev edition). Thoughts?
Edit: in the dropdown in Firefox Dev settings only are Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo and Wikipedia.

Brave grew out of Firefox. Same CEO. When he left, he created Brave which is superior. Just use Brave.

Brave browser would be superior if their developers didn’t behave like fascists when it comes to the user’s say in how their software should work. For this reason alone I hapilly switched back to firefox because it is the most customizable browser on the market. Brave is basically just Chrome with a bunch of unnecessary gimmicks like Brave shields (which is unnecessary/redundant if uBlock is installed) which just serves as an excuse to put branding elements in the UI. Firefox has no such branding and can be completely reskinned with CSS style sheet edits.

None of the other browsers do as good of a job blocking ads. Simple as that.

You’re clearly pressed & can leave. Bye.

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You’re clearly pressed & can leave. Bye.

As a firefox user I can do anything I want. Have fun having technofascists control your life through the software you use. Cya :wink:

Brave was started by the former CEO of Firefox, so idk who you think you’re out(fire)foxing.

Okay, these are not the replies I wanted. Please, avoid these dumb conversations out of context.

Not sure if something changed on their end or ours but this option appears for me without issue: