Can't set Brave as default engine Chrome

I’m trying to set Brave as the default search engine in Chrome. I followed the instructions to add it when it didn’t appear in the list. However, “Make default” in the drop down list in the ellipsis is grayed out.

This appears to be a Chrome issue rather than a Brave issue. Brave search is compatible with other browsers as well, so I would reach out to Chrome support or look through similar issues in Chrome with other engines.

Thank you

I kinda figured that but was hoping others here might have come across the issue.

@gbm what OS are you using? I just tested on Chrome and had no issues. This was on desktop anyway.


But yeah, primarily would have to go through Chrome support. Or you may have to see about adding Brave Search yourself. You could also go through the usual suspects, such as disabling extensions, to see if any of them are causing problems.

Thanks Saoiray.

I’m using Windows 10. And, yes, extensions are often the culprit. It’s just tedious to go through them.

Here is what I have in my search engines.