Brave Needs Second Searchbar Option

Brave doesn’t have this feature (on any operating system) which Firefox already has. It’s the ability to choose to have a an extra searchbar. It makes searching easier with choosing a specific search engine or wanting to search the same subject in a different search engine or save it for later.

The search bar will be at the right of the browser’s address bar:

Hi @daze

Thanks for your feedback. We are always working to improve Brave. If you wish to have this as a version of this feature on mobile or PC, could you kindly submit a feature request over on Community. You can share your thoughts here:


You’re able to search for ANY search engine you want and have saved. Typically it comes with what are called “Bangs.”

Go to brave://settings/searchEngines and you’ll see them. Examples are below:

Photos 3_16_2023 17_51_40

Those can be customized, so you can add your own custom shortcuts or you can add any website/search as you want. As per the screenshot, if I want to search Apples on Brave I’d just do :br Apples and it would search apples on Brave. Other people like to do it with ! so they’d put something like !g to search on Google.

In any case, as Alice mentioned, you can always add it to #brave-feature-requests if you’d like. Maybe will be something they’ll consider and modify, but I personally don’t see the purpose and would be considered by most as clutter.

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I know that, however I was looking into something such as firefox where you press an icon in the second search bar, as pressing semi colon and desired search engine takes some time.


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