New Tab. (this title has to be more the 15 letters sorry for the extra unnecessary stuff.. )

When I click “New Tab” it doesn’t open the Google search page even though I have set it to do that in Settings. It opens the Brave front page.

Yes. That’s expected behavior. Because this setting :point_down:

is for default search engine used in Address bar. You can install extension if you want to override Brave’s New Tab Page.

Thank you very much iljuno. If you have a moment could you tell me what you mean by “install extension”

I believe he means from the Chrome Web Store.

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Will the Chrome extensions work with the Brave software?

Of course, that’s why we’re bringing it up.

There is an option for extensions in the hamburger menu at the top right of the Brave window. There’s a link there that will take you to the Chrome web store. You can turn extensions on and off from there.

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Many thanks.
Can’t just say “Many thanks” has to be more than 15 lettttterrrrsss

Oh dear…
I think this is not worth fussing over any more, but thank you for your help.
All I wanted was that when I clicked the new tab button Google search was ready for me to type something. Now I have installed the Crome extension all it does is open up another page of choices similar to the Brave page. Hopeless…

Can you tell me which extension it was that you installed? For me, I installed New Tab Redirect which works perfectly.

Perfect! “New Tab Redirect” Just what I want. Didn’t realize there was so much stuff out there to add to Brave. Shall have to investigate further…

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