Along with Google, also Add "Search Brave for" on the Right click menu

i am using Google, but i would also like to see “search Brave for” on the Right click menu as i am using brave from time to time.

i use this option a lot, so alongside with google, adding it as additional option on the right click menu(no matter what search engines others have set(Google, bing, duckduckgo) would be great

So I think that option relates to what you set as your default search engine in your Brave browser. If you go to Brave settings, click on search engine, and then select Brave browser as your default, it should show you the option of searching with Brave Search when right-clicking highlighted text.

I would suggest you to change the category of this post to “Brave feature requests”, so that people can vote.

adding all or selective search engines on the right click would be good, it doesnt have to be limited to default search engine.

Alright, i’ve changed it now :+1: